Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hi! This is my first post on this site. Kind of exciting, I must admit!

The purpose of this particular blog is to point out things that aren't in any sense of the word 'cool'.

To define cool: (from Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online)

Main Entry: cool
Pronunciation: \ˈkül\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English col, from Old English cōl; akin to Old High German kuoli cool, Old English ceald cold — more at cold
Date: before 12th century
1 : moderately cold : lacking in warmth
2 a : marked by steady dispassionate calmness and self-control cool and calculating administrator — Current Biography> b : lacking ardor or friendliness cool impersonal manner> c of jazz : marked by restrained emotion and the frequent use of counterpoint d : free from tensions or violence
3 —used as an intensive
cool million dollars>
4 : marked by deliberate effrontery or lack of due respect or discretion

5 : facilitating or suggesting relief from heat

6 a of a color : producing an impression of being cool; specifically : of a hue in the range violet through blue to green b of a musical tone : relatively lacking in timbre or resonance
7 slang a : very good :
excellent; also : all right b : fashionable, hip
— cool·ish \ˈkü-lish\ adjective
— cool·ly also cooly \ˈkü(l)-lē\ adverb
— cool·ness \ˈkül-nəs\ noun
synonyms cool, composed, collected, unruffled, imperturbable, nonchalant mean free from agitation or excitement. cool may imply calmness, deliberateness, or dispassionateness . composed implies freedom from agitation as a result of self-discipline or a sedate disposition . collected implies a concentration of mind that eliminates distractions especially in moments of crisis . unruffled suggests apparent serenity and poise in the face of setbacks or in the midst of excitement . imperturbable implies coolness or assurance even under severe provocation . nonchalant stresses an easy coolness of manner or casualness that suggests indifference or unconcern .

Mostly, I'm going to be leaning towards the slang definition of the word. Some of number 4, lack of respect, too. I'd very, very much like to hear what you have to say about these things as well. Some may not agree with me in some things. I'd love to hear about it!

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