Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What is wrong with this world? Let's start with a 'pole'.

Just saw this article Next Up, A Pole-Dancing Doll. That's right - A pole dancing doll. Now, as the article says, this doll may not be real. But seriously? The very idea of the thing is repulsive. Why, why, why, of all the things in the world, do they have to do pole dancing?

Confession - As a child, if I saw a pole, I probably go spinning around on it. It's just like when you hold hands with someone and you spin around and then the world around you starts to blur and the only thing you can really make out is the person you're holding onto. It's a pretty cool thing. I never associated the solo experience of my pole spinning (which was usually the pole for the basketball hoop while I was waiting for someone with the ball to arrive) with pole dancing or stripping. Why can't we just let kids enjoy the spinning and twirling of childhood be just that?

The articule also touches on M. Cyrus' performance during the Teen Choice Awards. If you didn't see it, while she's singing some song, she hops ontop of a hot dog cart - the kind that are in every New York CIty streetcorner that have a pole that holds up the umbrella - sans umbrella and does a short dance (seconds really) and then a little ride ontop of the cart for a bit before being helped down by the guy dancers. Sure, it might be like my sister says, and purely for entertainment purposes, but why? Why does she have to chose that particular action to entertain? Why a pole? Why not sit ontop of the hot dog cart? The song she song included a line of "moving my hips like yea" - what the hell is that? How do you swing your hips like yeah? What is a yeah move?

So, I'm quickstepping the song and dance straight to sexual and I don't care who says differently. Her biggest followers are ages 7-12. Unforetunatley, that's an age group that if they have already done some sort of sexual act, they're about to. And that's just gross, but not untrue.

The song might have a good undertone. Please, point me to it.

Personally, I never thought that Cyrus could sing. It's bothersome when kids of artist think that because their parents can they can. She can't. She should stick to make a foul of herself in HM and leave my Teen Choice Awards alone. How she won so many of them, I don't know, but I'm starting to think that they're starting to lower their standards.

So, the not kool of this topic? Let's just over size it to over exposure. A little less pole and a lot less Cyrus would make this world the kind of world that I'm be proud to have my little cousins and niece grow up in. It's the kind of place that I'm going to be happy for my nephew and little boy cousins to go find girls in. It's the kind of place I would like to one day have children in.

Stop lowering standards. Start loving yourself a little more.